About Us


Spawned out of our founder, Javier Rabinovichs’ vision, Prive Land Banking was established in 2001 and operates as a focused group of specialized real estate investment funds. At the core of our business model is the ability to function as a bridge between raw potential and equitable opportunity. We focus on markets exhibiting fundamentals for continued growth through demographic change, municipal and cultural initiatives, as well as marked signs of development and gentrification. In other words, we identify the “path of progress” and seek to position ourselves within it. We then analyze the potential for select conventional and non-conventional opportunities to secure developable land for current and future development. Generally, our exit strategy is to seek optimal returns for our group either by an outright sale or joint venture partnership with our network of trusted development partners.


The diversity in which we structure our offerings varies as needed on a case-by-case basis. We determine optimal capital, and equity structure based on how we feel we can most effectively seize market opportunities and the individualities presented in each deal we consider. Our sterling reputation is hinged on our historical performance and the preservation of long standing relationships. We stop at no measure and cut no corner’s to ensure each endeavor we pursue is engineered to sustain and enhance the equity of our group and its valued investors. Our group’s reputation for being efficient, conservative, secure, and transparent is the lifeline of our success.

Differentiating principals

Investing in valuable assets that have quantifiable potential for future appreciation is not a revolutionary concept, nor is investing in well-located real estate. On the contrary, it is the primary objective of private and institutional investors around the world. Moreover they are principles that are fundamental corner stones of wealth creation. Thusly and rightfully, our niche is carved out of these principles as well. The way Prive Land Banking differentiates itself is by the means in which we tap into and enhance the value of assets that are not at their highest and best use, assets that provide an opportunity for our network of developers seeking projects that are ready to build. To be specific, we take on the “development risk” by doing the work that encompasses delivering a development site in a prime area that would not be readily available otherwise. While each individual opportunity is different, some of the common ways in which we accomplish this is:

  • Source opportunities to create a foot hold in a prime area and assemble smaller parcels of favorably zoned land in order to compound their density and therefore dramatically increase their combined value
  • Conceptualizing a project with our network of award winning architects and engineers while testing the economic feasibility of various types of developments (i.e. office, residential, retail hotel, or mixed use) to determine the optimal way to maximize value
  • Leveraging our knowledge, experience, and relationships, combined with the industries best land use specialist and attorneys to effectively receive project approval from the various municipalities and governmental agencies confronted
  • Utilizing our in place asset management teams’ diverse experience while holding land through out this process to maximize capital preservation.

Our Team

Javier Rabinovich
Founder and CEO
Javier Rabinovich, brings his vision and pragmatic work ethic as founder and CEO of Prive Land Banking. Under the Prive umbrella are a diversified portfolio of businesses, each uniquely engineered to bring innovation to their respective sector.